Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Don't look at me, Jesus did it

God did absolutely nothing for you.

It's my personal belief that he gave you life, yes, at least in a broad sense. But he certainly didn't do anything for you.

You hear it all the time. "I got an A in history. Thank Jesus, my prayers were answered!" Now, most people just say it hyperbolically, but if you actually said it and meant it, you already don't deserve to have your prayers answered.

Here's why: Children are starving in Africa. War, famine and general injustice run rampant throughout the planet. (And, for all we know, beyond.) God is all-powerful, and yet does nothing about these things. (That we can see.) Yet, he "gave you" or "helped you earn" an A in history? What.

This argument probably sounds familiar, but it really deserves repeating. God didn't get you a raise, God didn't get you an A, God didn't do jack shit. You or someone else did those things. Your boss gave you the raise. (Or, alternatively, fired your ass.) Your teacher gave you the A, and you probably studied hard for it. (Alternatively, you put all your faith in THE LORD, or just didn't study, and the teacher flunked you. This should really come as a surprise to no one.)

The worst part is, some people place their faith ENTIRELY in God, and do absolutely nothing, convinced he's going to take care of everything. This is dangerously irresponsible, to say the least. This is like pushing all of your responsibility on one other person, only that person hasn't technically been proven to exist, and there's no guarantee he'll do anything at all. As well he shouldn't. God is many things, but he's far from being an enabler.

What I particularly dislike, and what's far more common, is people who work very, very hard at something, and accomplish something good, whether it be passing a test or changing the entire fate of mankind, and then say "Don't thank me. Thank my pal Jesus!" Wonderful, I understand your faith and devotion to God, and your love for Him. But C'MON! You did that work yourself! (Or, and again this is awful, someone else did something great and you disregarded them in favor of God.) I'm sure God wouldn't mind if you boasted a little bit.

God isn't a trophy parent. He's not out to make you win awards so he can live vicariously through you. Just take it easy and get back to your work.

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