Saturday, February 19, 2011

I'm not a poet and I do know it

The past few days I've been starting to learn how to write poetry, and I did an exercise writing in iambic pentameter. Enjoy.

Making fun of me, that is.

The time it ticks along so slow for me

For youth the world are at their feet for now
Old age brings death for hopes and dreams, bold scars

Tunes playing on repeat ad nauseum

Cell phone lay dead upon the desk, shut off
The batt'ry needs a decent charge, for sure

Frost formed, caked over the bedroom window

The sun rises over the treetops high
Can't see it, bloody fucking ice (blocked view)

Pepsi is good, but not for teeth, no way

"Video killed the radio star"
Pretty decent song, I really must say

Hacky sack is beyond hard work for me

The glowing screen is lingering vision
My eyes, they're strained, may go blind on some day

Can you tell what my main sources of inspiration were?

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